Artwork and testimonials by ATOC clients, published with permission.


ATOC provides a unique choice for people who have experienced trauma:
  • Art therapy provides an alternative, non-verbal way for people who have experienced trauma to explore and express feelings of loss, anger, fear, isolation and confusion. Art therapy groups offer creative environments where people can form supportive connections, manage stress and gain an overall sense of well-being. In a non-threatening therapeutic environment, the universal language of the visual arts can encourage emotional resilience, behavioral change and a new capacity for self-reflection and growth.

  • Sessions are free and conducted either on-site at program partners or at ATOC's studio, in a safe, secure and trusting setting. Sessions are conducted by highly skilled, licensed and board certified clinical art therapists.

  • ATOC works in partnership with other non-profit organizations which provide services to at-risk and underserved populations.

  • ATOC is affiliated with and housed by the School of Visual Arts, a respected educational institution for both art and art therapy.